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1, My Drug Dealer Was a Doctor by Macklemore. Watch full video here: goo.gl/CYefIH #sicknotweak #endthestigma, , ,, FB

2, When someone commits homicide or suicide; dont ask what mental illness they had #sicknotweak #endthestigma, , ,, FB

3, Psychiatric drugs destroy parts of the brain that deals with emotions. MDBAD.org #sicknotweak #endthestigm , , ,, FB

4, How psychiatric drugs leach essential nutrients from the body. Full Video: http://mdbad.org/psychiatric-meds-dangers-and-side-effects-you-deserve-to-know/ #sicknotweak, , ,, FB

5, Medicating Women’s Feelings http://mdbad.org/medicating-womens-feelings/ #endthestigma #sicknotweak, , ,, FB