You have to turn up with your psychiatrist’s note, and hope the public psychiatrist doesn’t object to anything in your treatment plan: if they do, it’s hard to know how to go forward. You then take your treatment plan to your general practitioner and, assuming they don’t object either, they’ll give you your prescriptions without any hitches.

However, when I renewed my driving licence, I chose not to declare my use of psychoactive drugs as I should have done. As I understand it, everyone does the same. Why? Because otherwise, you end up in front of a medical committee threatening either to revoke your licence or impose upon you an absurd and expensive annual renewal.

If psychoactive drugs really affected your ability to drive, you’d have your driving licence revoked if you merely had anxiety or depression. In the case of driving, however, psychoactive substances are treated the same as drugs, which gives one further reason to believe they’re not a cure of any sort.

With hindsight, when I first panicked that I would have been better off taking cannabis, which I never did, it would have been less harmful.

And, above all, it would have been easier to stop.